Chatbots – Evolution of communication?

Messenger die neue Kommunikation

The most used Apps on Smartphones are the Messenger. In addition to Messenger like Telegram or WeChat (which is to the Chinese market is the no. 1) are, of course, the space deer WhatsApp and facebook Messenger.

Chatbot beim MessengerThe functionalities of these applications is continuously extended with new functions and expanded. The Messenger will be offering in the future, more and more functions and services, which are offered by websites or platforms. In addition, the company for Messenger's services, more and more resources available (must provide). If questions ukteigenschaften according to Prof, service issues, or, for Example, information on dates of travel such as flights, Hotels etc...

Many of the customers requirements and questions can be automated. Such programs are referred to as chat bots or Messenger Bots. Last year, facebook has opened up its facebook Messenger for companies in terms of chat bots. In Asia, already longer products and services through messengers like WeChat are offered with chat bots.

The advantages of using Messenger Bots for businesses, as well as for customers is obvious. No fixed binding to office hours, no long wait times on replies, and of course lower costs for the company.

How does it work now, these chat bots?

These small programs, or Apps, for example, are involved in facebook Messenger through the provided interface. For the interaction with the User, the various elements are available. In addition to the available set of images, texts, Audios and Videos, but also the processes of dialogs can be created. Furthermore, the majority of Bots will also be able to identify phrases within the text, and directly respond.

Chatbot bei Austira Airline        Test Chatbot auf einfach sagen

An example of this is the facebook page of Austrian Airlines. Here, among other things, flight information can be retrieved. Indicates the user is a question that the Bot recognizes it can be directly manage a staff. In the case of CNN get the latest news, or other help. And for testing I also have a Chatbot on the facebook page furnished.
CNN Messenger Bot      CNN Chatbot

What does this mean for the future?

The topic of chat bots or Messenger Bots is still at the beginning. Still most of the programmes are tripod to use and very intuitive. Interact with the User texts entered by the user is not yet perfected. The developments are making great progress and in the future our communication will find that the chat bots as normal.

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