Real vs Digitalisierung

Love the real things; how beautiful is digitization.

Yes, I love the "epoch" of the digitalization. There's not a day goes by to read the new messages to digitization in the Newspapers, Social Media channels and in the TV/see.

Ranging from Autonomous Driving, smart home controls to tools and Tools. This year was presented at CES 2017, is a smart hair brush. Ok my hair is exaggerated maybe, but...

MusikstreamingDigitalisation is all the rage. Particularly in the area of the industry. In daily life, we get more and more the influence of digitalization to feel. Many people now accept the gradual conversion of the type of consumption. Whether the conversion of music CD's to MP3 Download to the Streaming subscription. Or the reading of eBooks. But nothing has changed so much as the shopping on the Internet. Today well over 90% of Internet shopping users ever online. And almost a third of them, ordered food in the network.

I even use music and Video Streaming services, reading eBooks and shoppe on the Internet. But with all of the digitisation I buy be aware of the this or that artist, a CD, certain movies on DVD/Blu-ray or books as "real" paper book. This course of action or behaviour, I don't watch but only with me. It is striking that especially young people Das Notizbuch im digitalen Alltagund junge Erwachsene immer wieder den Spaß an den realen Dinge suchen und finden. Gerade Notizbücher finden einen echten Boom im Markt. Dabei wäre es doch so einfach die Notiz-Funktion auf dem Smartphone zu nutzen. In manchen Ländern liegen die Vinyl-Schallplatten Verkäufe vor den MP3 Downloads. Und ein Papierbuch lässt sich als Geschenk besser verpacken und einige sagen „es riecht auch besser als ein eBook“ 😉

The end of the real things?

I'm curious how long it will take or whether or not real things of everyday life, which are attacked by the digitalization, just disappear. You have to assume that will be the digitalization in the next generations, "as Normal" and as a matter of course provided. So it was in the washing machine, television or, for example, with microwave ovens. That is, eventually, CD's, books and Co will be the exotics or disappearance (like the good old cell phone). The path of digitization is still a long way in our everyday life, rather, we are really just at the beginning. The next major engagement is the SmartHome. Heating - lighting control to the fully connected home. But I will write in the next few weeks. As I said, I'm every day impressed and look forward to what the progress of me for everyday life easier.

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  1. It will change much, as it has always done. And that last sentence is, I think aptly. Without enthusiasm, or at least of interest for new opportunities, Tools, and things of the future, it will compete very hard for people.

    Clearly, we need to bring in the people. Education, however, requires every self-a large piece of self-initiative.

    I'm also very excited about the things and use already today, many of the opportunities that we have in the technology.

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