Digitization with smart Scanner glove in the logistics process

ProGlove smarter Handschuh

The company prog love shows destroyed with his Scanner glove >Mark

On 18. October 2016 was the following press release Prog love published:

Prog love, the Munich-based industry Startup, is launching today its first smart glove with the name “Mark” for the European market. “Mark,” is able to achieve a Plug&Play solution for production and logistics, which means that businesses have a direct improvement in efficiency and ergonomics.

”We are happy to sell our first product to “Mark” from now on. The close cooperation ProGlove und Festowith customers, such as Audi, Penny, John Deere and Festo, shows the immense efficiency and ergonomics potential of prog love. We can save in a warehouse of 2000 minutes per day – and that immediately, without any integration effort.”– Thomas Kirchner, CEO prog love.

Prog love “Mark” allows the worker in production and logistics faster, work safer, and easier. Process steps can be hands-free through the 2D Barcode scan module document. The reading and to Check the packages or components is reduced to a simple glove-Scan.

Prog love provides the operator with a direct optical, acoustic and haptic Feedback on his work process. This allows for a new Level of process quality and efficiency. Built-in sensor technology allows for the development of gesture control.

The Design of the smart glove “Mark” consists of a Central computer unit, and a work glove with integrated electronics that can be replaced in case of wear.

Mark der Scanner HandschuhWith the Scanner, the glove is the actual scan of processes in the natural work and movement are integrated drain effectively. The employees in the logistics or production now has both hands free and available. The Record of a conventional hand-held scanner is no longer necessary. That is, the process is faster, cheaper, and more effective.

Just in the logistics very much value is placed on optimized work processes. The good, effective logistics processes have in General very quickly to other areas of the business in a positive way.

How does it work now?

Um jetzt nicht zu viele Worte über Technik und so weiter zu verlieren, zeige ich einfach mal ein sehr gutes Video zum Scanner Handschuh >Mark<. Der MDR hat vor ein paar Wochen in ihrer Sendung >einfach genial< über das ProGlove Produkt berichtet und zeigen sehr anschaulich die Möglichkeiten.

The German StartUp has been able to gain some well-known clients such as Audi, Festo or Penny. So digitalization in and out of Germany to work!

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