Microsoft Outlook Board View

On the Ignite 2021, the new, free configurable Board, it was announced view. Meanwhile, they arrived in the mostly Tenats. In today's article, I introduce you to the Microsoft Outlook Board View.

Outlook for the Web

The new Board View is (currently) only in the Outlook Web interface. So let's start first of all, the Outlook from the the Portal and switch to the calendar. There we find among the views of the new Board View.

After the first call to the Board view the sample is loaded configuration. This Board can of course be completely customized.

On the Board View can be arranged on the Basis of the grid Element is free. These items can be add through the menu "On Board" the Board added. Then, the newly added Element can be configured. The following image shows the Overview of the available elements.

Elements of the Board View

Let's look at a few of the elements closer. In the Overview, the following Element is added examples, is configured and arranged.

  1. Calendar View
  2. ToDo – Not My Day
  3. ToDo – Task List
  4. Weather
  5. Tips
  6. Notes
  7. Web Site Links

Setting a target

An Element has the name of the destination. This is a specific task, a daily or weekly goal may be defined for themselves personally. A goal is defined, and with a due date deposited, the destination appears in the calendar view on the defined day.

Create a collection

To group multiple Element collections can be created. A collection of the existing elements can then be easily moved by Drag and Drop. Alternatively, you can right-click the context menu button.

Interesting facts and conclusion

A Board View can become very large and scope designed. For Navigation within the Boards a good Zoom is not available.

This type of Zoom I would like very much for the Whiteboard! So slowly, I am becoming more and more benefits for the use of Outlook for the Web to the Desktop client. Maybe it is due to the fact that I organise primary primarily with Teams from my work (there Outlook have to type) and mail only very rarely in my day strip.

I think the Board View is a good and useful extension of the calendar views, and I will include this in the future, in my organizational work everyday. As you can see it and use the Board View?