Changes to evaluate, classify and visualize the Transformation Shift the Canvas.

In recent years, the flood of new impulses in my professional and private environment enormously. But also just due to my ever-growing network on LinkedIn and Twitter my personal change has accelerated exponentially.

Early on, I started all the tips Link, a new point of view and write down ideas immediately in the classical note book today to right in my OneNote. However, when I then looked at my notes, put themselves more often questions like ...

"With what topic I discuss next?"
"What makes me really?"
"Where I have the greatest Benefit?"

And the questions were becoming more and more diverse. Without it hit me, I began to Excel, to lead list. Therein columns were found to Use, expenses, activities, and a few more. The number of columns grew and grew, and, the Overview is lost again. So it's a different type of assessment and the visualization had to be.

Change and new perspective, a Canvas is created

So I I started at the end of 2018 in my notes with a Personal Kanban Board to organize, what brought me quickly to inspect the work in this way. But by this Experiment with a Kanban Board, I was busy with the characteristics of the notes. I quickly noticed that almost were to rate all the topics with similar attributes to, and that can be seen between the subjects of relationships, or dependencies.

This is a first Version of the "Transformation Shift Canvas" was born. With the work on and with the Canvas, the structure developed quickly and was finalized in December 2018 in a first Version. In March 2019, a new version with two small extensions to the effort and influence arose. Thus was born the "Transformation Shift+ Canvas".

In the following, I will go to each of the Canvas spaces a little closer...

This field is for the description of the change, the new perspective, or the new subject of study.

The content Area is used to group or sort. This field is included in the Canvas to it later to the "Transformation Map" to use.

To learn the changes and New should always use to Fund visionary or long-term goals. Also in this area we find later in the "Transformation Map".

The listed dependencies and risks, the
to provide expected Benefits from the beginning, for sure.

The change / development is, of course, always a Benefit. Through the Use of a "next level" within
the transformation process can be achieved.

The list of already at the beginning of the obvious activities and tasks, to an effort to assess.

As well as the Key Activities is also very often the first of the required resources, such as materials, tools, or other persons for effort and cost estimation can.

Relations to other changes on the one hand, the complexity of the transformation process and on the other hand, can be used to support prioritization.

Additional areas of the "TRANSFORMATION SHIFT+ CANVAS"

A rough classification of the expenses (4 levels of low to very high).

The influence of the "future" by the change will be evaluated in four levels (from low to very high).

Recommendations for working with the Canvas

The Canvas does not need to be necessarily filled in from left to right. Of course, it starts with the Fill in the area of SHIFT, to describe the desired realignment, changes in or the subject of study in the core. I fill in, usually after the BENEFIT, to see the perceived Benefits. In the third step, I enter the ACTIVITIES and RESOURCES. Thus, I often see even possible dependencies and risks.

If you have completed several of the CANVAS and prepares to be found and dependencies between the various topics. To do this, you can use the field SHIFT RELATIONSHIPS. Since the user can assign each CANVAS a KEY (in the head), there is the possibility of Connections between the Canvas to identify.

The areas of the AREA, the LENS actually find their application with the Use of the "TRANSFORMATION MAP".

Download the CANVAS


The Transformation Map is a well-known representation of the way to activities, or here in the context of transformation Shift in a temporal Overview. In addition to the temporal component, I have added five more Areas. A grouping of multiple processes of change is possible. The Map serves as a tool for visualization of the various "tranform decoration Shift Canvas" in order to areas (Area), and time. I have designed a custom Template, what I have to offer here as a free Download.

Download the MAP Templates

After I use it for my personal development and Transformation, I was able to use parts already in my professional environment and to successfully apply. I hope maybe One or the Other can also Benefit from these Tools and apply. About a Feedback, I'm always very happy.