Weekly Team Planner Canvas | transparency and focus

Teams allow for a high degree of transparency and the daily focus, drive, are more successful, more productive and more effective. But how do it Teams to organize and to make your activities in the Team, in order to ensure a common understanding for a successful work is created?

To increase one of the many instruments of transparency and focus the Weekly Team Planner Canvas. Due to its schematic, simple structure, it sets a small Team in the position of the tasks required to plan a targeted manner for a period about a week and track.

Weekly Team Planner Canvas | Version 0.7 | 12.2018

The Canvas

The core element is the weekly goal, which every member of the team defines their own responsibility and in the center of the Canvas enters is. In the upper area of the primary activities are visualized. These activities should, of course, make a Deposit on the defined team goals.

Weaknesses and risks, which are in the planning already seen and known, to be recorded on the left side. These points can apply to activities and/or objectives. By becoming aware of these risks already planning, "pitfalls", and "Mishaps can be avoided," at an early stage.

The right side of the Canvas reflects the dependencies and impacts. Whether you are on a feedback or free gifts from third parties or supports in terms of team members are needed. Here, too, an early transparency increases the focus on the achievement of the goal.

The last lower section is the complete focus on yourself. Here, each team member to define his weekly "heart project". This is the very own theme, which accompanied a Person for the week. It is used to self-motivation and the extraction of fun to work and develop. Even if it is a personal subject, it should always be in context to the work, the company and the Team.

Weekly Team Planner Is A Canvas
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Version: 0.7


Working with the Canvas has been in practice in three phases as appropriate. The start of the week (usually Monday, right?) begins with Creation and the planning of the week. All members of the team to plan the week together. This creates a common understanding for the tasks and objectives only arises in addition to the transparency. At the end of the week, the classic retrospective runs on goals, objectives and activities. Helpful, especially in the beginning, in the middle of the week, a status of balance, so that All are on the "same rate". To the end, and to use the Weekly Team Planner is a Canvas a more detailed article.

A few personal words to the end...

This tool replaces any project, planning is not an instrument of control for the supervisor, and does not serve as an "accountability report" in the Team. Rather, it is to put serving Teams and their team members in a self-determined in a Transparent planning. SO, the focus should be directed on the Essentials. Because day-to-day business has us all in its grip and shifts the perspective of every hour again.

Weekly Team planner, Canvas works well, who is the perspective or "flight level", which is not used on the activities and objectives of the granular is. But right, "altitude" need to figure out each Team for themselves.